This Beautiful Lady Was Beaten To Death By Her Husband?

This is a sad story. But, I am forced to repeat what I often say on such issues. Our society is getting it all wrong, by waiting for a man to beat his wife and everybody begin to condemn him.

Husband has killed his wife before, and wife has killed her husband before. In fact, two women are in custody in Lagos and Ibadan today, for killing their husbands.

Domestic Violence is bad from either party. But note that there is no same man or woman that will kill his/her spouse when they are living in peace and harmony.

Something is missing in marriages today; RESPECT. There’s no mutual respect and we all are trying to gloss over it. Lets teach couples Mutual Respect for the good of the family and society.

Most women are wired to use their mouths, most men are wired to use their hands. The real solution is Mutual Respect for your spouse. We can save many by doing the right thing.

The sad story of the unfortunate death of the beautiful married lady above:

Lawyer and domestic violence activist Emeka Ugwuonye shared the photo and indicated that she was beaten by her husband on Christmas day and it led to her death.

I won’t post what he wrote because he was very judgmental in his submissions, calling the husband “animal” and all that. If he was an animal I don’t think his wife would have married him.

They had issues, probably very serious issues, and there was no where for them to get help.

My heart goes out to the family of the late wife. We shall bring you updates on what really happened and if truly the husband killed his wife why has the police not arrested him?

Expect updates…

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