S*xual Promiscuity By A Married Woman At NYSC Camp

written by SA, a worried male Corper:
While on camp at Umuna Bende NYSC Orientation camp in Abia state, I noticed the way some married women flirt with male corps members… The kind of flirting I saw with my eyes was worse than what some singles would have done there… In fact on camp, the married ladies behaved as if they are unmarried while some responsible single ladies behaved even more decent.
There was this incident that happened on camp about a married woman that was caught live with a guy having s*x at the big field at night…
The husband of the woman was sent for after his wife was caught.. The man simply removed his ring and gave it to the boy who slept with his wife and left the camp that very minute…
Sad indeed but such cases of s*xual promiscuity seems to be the order of the day whenever there is a functional NYSC Orientation camp…

I know this is not the first time. Please those married women caught on different occasions for s*x related offenses during NYSC Orientation camp… Were they s*x-starved or they are s*x addicts who just can’t endure for a short three weeks without s*x?

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