Step by Step Guide for Ultimate Cycler Registration

This is a step by step guide for ultimate cycler registration. Here you learn how to register your Ultimate Cycler account and start earning big. If you want to learn about Ultimate Cycler please read my previous post: Join Ultimate Cycler today with N12500 and make 50k in just one week There is no need to wait. If you want to get into this business, then get into it on time. In most cases you make more money in networking business if you get into it on time. need proof here is one



Make sure your referral name is Abraham

Whatsapp 08188407688 for info

How to Register/join Ultimate Cycler Nigeria

Here is the deal: Our Team (Collective Earners) is the most active team out there because we make sure every body in team earn simultaneously, so you can join us so that your downline can grow quickly.  Message his line >> 08188407688 (Whatsapp Only)  if you want to join our team, or click Ultimate Cycler  to do the registration yourself. Joining our Team is simply the smartest choice you can make.
Step 1: Click on any of the links below to register with our any of our Team referral link. 
Note: Please, if you are not ready to make payments within 48hrs of registering DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK COS YOU WILL BE PURGED FROM THE SYSTEM.
So, if you have N12,500 please chat us up on whatsapp with the following numbers: 1. Abraham – 08188407688 (Whatsapp Only)

Note: Because the links provided above are very active (many people are registering with my links) you may get matched with someone who just registered and have not paid to get his or her account fully activated.  Just wait patiently for the person to pay or call This is not a problem, it is an indication that the link is very active…. And the same way you are waiting to pay someone, other people are waiting to pay you… So as soon as you pay it won’t take time for you to start getting paid, still call Once you click on the any of our Team Links you will be directed to a new page (as shown in the screen shot below). Image result for ultimate cycler Here click join now (as shown in the screen shot below). On the registration page, provide the following details 1. First name and Last name eg. Okeke Ifeanyi 2. Email. e.g 3. Phone and Contact Nos. e.g 4. Preferred Username and Password, 5. Select MTN Africa as your “Mobile Career.” 6. Click the checkbox  (below the contact number) to agree to their TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND DISCLAIMERS. And enter the code shown in the box that says very code.” You can click the button next to the code to load a different code.(as shown in the screen shot below). Scroll down to click a button that says “Create my account & continue to step 2!” Step 2: On the next page that loads up, simply agree to the terms there by ticking those boxes and agree to continue. (as shown in the screen shot below).



On the next page, select your country (Nigeria) and provide other available details. Don’t worry about the part that says Skype, PayPal, etc. Scroll down to the part of the page that says “Payment Instructions.” Remove the default text you don’t want that is there and enter your bank account details, that is your bank name, bank account number, and bank account name. This is the account people that will pay you will send money to. Very important! Scroll down and Finish & Save. Create account my account! On the next page you will see the “Thank you” button.. click the red button and you will see the person you have been matched to pay.

Pay to the person and tell the person to activate your account (that is, to confirm your payment). This is very important!!! Once you make payments and your account has been “Confirmed”. You can login to your account again, you will see a message asking you to agree to their terms…. Simply agree and the page will load automatically.(Use the screen shot below as a guide) If the page does not load automatically, untick the check box and tick it again and wait for the page to load automatically. Tell a friend about Ultimate Cycler: Now, you can direct your referalls and friends who are asking you how to create an Ultimate Cycler account and start making money to this post. Thanks as you share this post, Sharing is Caring!



Make sure your referral name is Abraham

Whatsapp 08188407688 for info

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  1. If you still haven’t registered you can register with this link
    I’m also in a group chat we have over 90 persons in there. If you have any problem call 08145749539. Register and you’ll be added to the group besides isn’t it better to have up to 90 people helping you than riding solo

  2. Akojuru Norbert
    _Hi fellow train occupants 😎. Have you heard of_ _

    —–_———*ULTIMATE CYCLER?*———_——-

    _ _It gives you_ _*N50,000*_ _after a week of investing just_ _*N12,500,*_ _without requiring you to evangelise!_

    _Once you register, you’re paired with someone to whom you pay_ *_N12,500_*.

    _Within 1 week, 4 new members will be assigned to pay_ *_N12,500_*_each to you. That’s a total of_ *_N50,000_* _within a week, whether or not you introduce your friends._

    _Introducing friends only speeds up your collection of_ *_N50,000._* _If you choose to keep quiet, you’ll still get your_ *_N50,000_* _within a week through automatic pairing from around Nigeria._

    _I shied away this yesterday while someone briefed myself and a friend. My friend registered. Now he’s got his first payment of_ *_N12,500_*_without saying a word, remaining 3 of such payments within the week!_

    *_Earlier the better. Register now and get paid soonest!_*

    REGISTER now

    _Contact or whatapp me 08067162588_for more info and registration._


  3. I have been trying to log in my acc but its saying use a valid user name and password.I am unable to recover my account details in order to confirm those who paid to me

  4. Ultimate cycler has come to stay and make our life better.
    Register with 12,500 and get 50,000
    How it works.
    Get 4pple and be paid 50k as soon as possible.. No story
    Get 2pple and get paid 50k in 1week, then
    Get nobody and get paid 50k after 2weeks..
    (Computer automatically merges u with 4pple)..Are you interested?.
    It’s new…
    It’s time to reap.
    Pple who took d risk for MMM at d early stage are now millionaires.
    It’s no scam.
    I am a witness.
    Follow this link to register

  5. yes u will still be paid, login to your account and click on My Profile from there you can begin to edit and put exactly what u need there..

  6. I work hand in hand with Abraham, you can also register with my link, we are the group admins, make your tree stronger, join our crew, ultimate cycler is the bestest, register with us now and get your money fast and faster, its simple and it pays, i started with 12500 and in a week i am looking at 150k+. join our whatsapp group, 09038371319, remember its better to join an active group so your money will come out fast, than to just join a novice. use this link to register or join this whatsapp group.

    join my whatsapp group over 100 ultimate members to discuss and help each other there. and also get people to pay you there and register under active users, message me on 09038371319, click here to join whatsapp group and register fast and start earning under active referrals that can help you earn fast

  7. ‎Hi fellow train occupants 😎. I am sure you must have  gotten the gist about ULTIMATE CYCLER? ‎
    Most people wont let you know ‎the truth. But I can assure you of that. Joining active and strong cycles speeds up your pay. This can be achieved by registering under strong and very active upliners. Join the winning team today, and get paid faster. 
    Simply follow the link:‎

    ‎Call or Whatsapp me on 07068212583 for more info and and proper guidance on registration.‎

  8. pls can you add me on ur wasap group I have my money ready and also have 8people DAT want to register but I don’t no how and where to join an active member dat will b mor active

  9. hi,please the server is too slow for new registration. i think something should be done to enable interested personsto participate. thanks

  10. Why have I not been able to open the site since yesterday seems worst
    I have more than 3 people I registered and they have not been merged to any body…what if the site doesn’t open and they get blocked

  11. If I can’t register 4 people to my account won’t I be paid? Pls I can’t login since dis morning; d keep telling me dat there is a technical problem to be fixed! Any solutions?

  12. Am kingsley by name.
    I reg on sunday night and made a payment to sameone on monday since then i haven’t match me with any one nd not registered any one under me pls hw lng will i stay before i start recieving my own money

  13. GOOD Morning, what is wrong with ur site that someone one cannot login again and will pay money into people’s accounts? Pls admin shld do something fast b4 we start losing hope?

  14. Admin what is happening in Nigeria Dat some one cannot login again? And we make some fucking payment to people’s accounts.

  15. If u want me to guide you through the registeration process,contact or text me on 08083547686 and i will point out every single details u should know about the system,dont rush into things like that,look for someone to guide u properly cuz many pple will just want u to register under them and after that,they will leave u to run ur business,be smart! Am not for the benefit,I will guide you through every single detail u should know…Contact or text me on 08083547686 and i will surely help you out,this is an opportunity for Nigerians and make good use of it as its new and buzzing now..

  16. pls the system is not connect.. any body with information about wat is going on I paid no response till now pls wat is happening?

  17. Difference between ultimate cycler and crowdrising

    1. ultimate cycler matches you up with someone in 48hours crowdrising matches you up in less than 3mins after registration
    2. ultimate cycler doesn’t reveal the payee most times but crowdrising does and also helps you find more about who you paying too without paying the person
    3. ultimate cycler doesn’t delete a non active investor there by making it hard to earn money crowdrising automatically deletes a non-serious person in 2 days and you can replace them with a new investor
    4. ultimate cycler has a boring dash interface or hard to use interface crowdrising interface looks cool and easy to use once accessed
    5. upgrading too level 2 in ultimate cycler is difficult as you need a dollar card to activate it crowdrising does it for you with ease
    6. you can play the system by earning 50k in ultimate cycler and starting afresh there by spoiling the chain of investors for level too with crowdrising the system needs you upgrade immediately after getting to level 2. else risk been blocked this encourage free follow of money

    more tips coming soon
    to join our community of investor whatsapp us – 08095533474.

    we understand the multi level business better so we lecture nigerians to avoid be scammed by other teams or selfish people.
    note in this business there would be losers and winners and the losers are late comers . with a good investor community you won’t loose.

    thank you.

  18. Hey guys… theres some good news.. ultimate cycler would be up and running today or tomorrow .. This I’m very sure off. 💯💯.please find attached an audio/video confirmation from Peter wolfing the ceo of ultimate cycler and his team explaining in details the whole cause of rhe delay..and all about ultimate cycler new cool features when it shall return.. This was published about 25 mins ago on his fb guys don’t panic .. add me up on WhatsApp 08094259433 if you can’t get the files here..or you wanna know all about ultimate cycler and how it really works or how to get paid real quick in no time.. I’ll be obliged to help and tell you everyth you need to know .

  19. If u want to register on ultimate cycler, u can reach me on 08063939537. I am actively registering people and my links starts paying up within a week and I can also guide you properly on the steps during and after registration and I will attend to your doubts and fears at every point. So call me up or chat me up lets talk on how u can register or get answers to ur questions. Am here for u.

  20. e i can not register people through my link i dont know why they always say invalid and i have paid and been confirmed
    please what can i do

  21. Hello, If you are on ultimate cycler already u will know that you won’t get a dime in two weeks if you don’t bring referrals, so please don’t believe people who tell you that the system will match you with someone and you will get your 50k in two weeks.
    Well, am glad to inform you all that I’ve found the secret to make ultimate cycler work for us all. For the past two weeks I’ve been brainstorming, trying to figure out why people get stuck, why is it so hard?
    Well, the answer and solution came to me today while I was bathing, lol. People get stuck because everyone needs 6 referrals; 2 direct referrals who pays your upline and 4 referrals for your initial 2 direct referrals who will now pay you your 50k. This makes it hard because its hard to convince one person not to talk of 6. Now, here is the solution; what you dont Know is that it only requires 18 members who are willing to recycle over and over again among themselves on level 1 to make it work for everyone.
    Bottom line, if you wanna earn your first 50k within a week, whatsapp me via 08166905476 and drop your details so that I can add you to the list.
    Note: I’m not registering anybody yet until the 18 members is complete, so you still get to keep your money in your hands. As soon as the list is complete, we start cycling and everyone can get their first 50k within a week. I’m gonna follow a first come first serve policy, so hurry. To old members, I believe you can seize this opportunity to make up for your money that is already stuck.

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