Man Arrested By Police On His Wedding Day Over Ex-Wife

A man who was taking part in what is supposed to be a joyous ceremony, has suffered a horrible embarrassment in the process.

The man identified as Innocent Chitsika, was arrested after he was accused his ex-wife, of not giving her maintenance money. Like seriously? And that could not wait? Lol!

According to report, Innocent claimed that his ex-wife Resinita orchestrated his arrest particularly on the day he was tying the knot with his new wife as a way of disrespecting him. He was arrested on allegations of maintenance default.

He raised this complaint before a Zimbabwean civil court magistrate, Marehwanazvo Gofa, when he applied for maintenance downward variation. Innocent wanted the money to be varied from $300 to $80 for two minor children.

“Your worship I am no longer employed and I cannot afford to pay $300 per month as maintenance for the children. I was engaged as a cross-border trader but my travel documents are being held at the criminal court as part of my bail conditions. I was arrested on my wedding day.

“I was however paying maintenance and school fees for my children but I was using the wrong channel. I was paying school fees directly to the school instead of depositing the money into the respondent’s bank account,” said Chitsika.

He added: “As a result she got me arrested. I think what pushed her to do so was because of the bitterness which was caused by the fact that I was marrying another woman. What she was not aware of was that the wedding was sponsored by my wife since she has the money. I could not take part in the wedding preparations because I had and still do not have money. I am praying for a downward variation to avoid being arrested again. I do not have a source of income as it stands. What I know is that I can afford to pay $80 as maintenance for my children.”

Husband and wife issue, whenever there’s separation, is usually dramatic if not well managed. Sigh!

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