Yoruba Nollywood actress, Fadekemi Momoh, who recently returned from South Africa, was put on the hot sit of Nigeria Films where she was asked some weird questions she least expected.


Caught unguarded, the actress was left with no choice but to reply to the questions of things she has done and how well she is good at it, especially in bed when with her man. Crazy stuffs!

Where did u have your first s3x?
(Laughs) on a bed of course.

At what age was that?
19 years old then.

Can you do abortion for any amount?
I can’t do abortion for any amount.

How many kids do you wish to have?
I wish to have 3 kids, I have 1 already so 2 left.

How good are you in bed?
Hmmmmm…crazy, very crazy and naughty.

If not acting, what would you have ventured into?
Nails Gallery because am good at fixing any type of nails.

Can you marry an average man or it must be a wealthy man?
I can marry an Average man so far we are Happy.

Can you cook and what’s your favourite food?
I can and love cooking… Efo Riro and pounded yam.

When was the last time you kissed?
Lol… Lets keep that a secret

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